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Friday, 28 November 2008

Getting Ready for your Fashion / Modelling Photo shoot

So, you are going for your first fashion photo shoot or shoot for modelling portfolio and perhaps not sure what to do or expect. Have a read though our tips and hopefully they will help you to get the best results.

First thing to remember is - unless you have been modelling for many years it is not so easy at first to relax, feel comfortable and give your best in front of the camera. If you know the photographer already and like his/her personality then it will take less time for you to relax. It is therefore important that you meet or have a good chat with them beforehand. We usually recommend that you book at least one and a half hours because of the time it takes to ‘warm up’ on camera even after you have built a rapport with the photographer.

Second, if you have a specific style of photography in mind, such as photojournalistic, glamour, beauty, etc., make sure that the photographer you are going to be shooting with understands what your requirements are. Sending a few pictures that inspired you for the photo shoot in the first place could be a good idea too. If you are not sure what you want and it is a great set of pictures you are after, then make sure that you like your chosen photographer’s portfolio and the style of shooting.

Third it is therefore very important to choose the right photographer for you! Make sure you have a look at their portfolio beforehand and like the styles of photography they are offering.

Fourth, is making sure that you bring the right style and amount of clothing with you. It is hard to say what style is the best for the photo shoot. The clothes should generally fit you well and not be two sizes bigger (unless that is the look you want). Try all of the sets at home before the photo shoot and if not sure ask your friends for their opinion. Three or four sets should be enough. If you still not sure about your choices, then do not worry, as a good photographer should be able to direct you and help you with the styling. Taking a few extra pieces of clothes with you that you are not sure about could be a good idea. Top tip: Accessories can make a dull shot look great!

Fifth is the makeup and hair styling. Have a chat with the photographer and see if they have makeup artists available. If you do not know how to apply makeup, do not avoid hiring someone to do it for you. Generally, makeup artists also do hair. Styling is one of the most important things on the photo shoot! Think about it if on a budget or hire the right people to bring it all together for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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