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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

What is a Corporate Headshot?

What is a Corporate Headshot?

For those who do not know what a Headshot is: "A headshot is a 10 x 8 (inches) image and is very similar to a portrait or a 'mug shot'. 10 x 8 is a measurement and the size of an image. It commonly includes head & shoulders, and focuses on the face of the person".

Corporate Headshot is somewhat similar to Actors Headshot but it is done in colour and has to look more natural, showing a person as they are. Men usually are wearing suits and women are dressed smart in an office-like manner.

Corporate Headshot should provide a glimpse into the person's character and reflect friendly, trustworthy and approachable personality.

Many business professionals and businesses use headshots for: Annual reports, Corporate catalogues and advertising, Company publications and websites, Corporate PR (on and offline), Press Releases, Online catalogue/shop/website, Corporate brochures, Mail Order Catalogues, Marketing Literature and advertisements, Product Packaging.

Headshots are becoming more important in the business world. Latest developments on the market suggest that many corporate employers nowadays are asking their potential employees to submit their Headshots when they are applying for a job.

1. Corporate Headshots

a. Natural Headshots - these are most basic type of headshots (more like a mug shots) and usually photographed against a white backdrop

b. Studio Headshots - are done in the studio environment with different sets of background colours and with studio lights

c. Black and White Headshots - these are studio headshots converted into black and white during post production

d. Artistic Headshots - those could be in colour or black and white and are very close to portraits. Here photographer will use different lighting skills to produce more striking effect

e. Natural Headshots / Portraits - these are photographed outside with natural light

2. Corporate Portraits

a. Business and Lifestyle Portraits - these often show personality and a character or a person photographed as well as a type of work he/she does

b. Active Portraits - those are business in action portraits often portraying active environment, energy and personality of the person

c. Studio Portraits - photographed in the studio

d. Natural Portraits - photographed outside

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